Battling Your Giant… (Part 1)

What giant(s) are you facing in your life? What battle(s) are you struggling with? Giant(s) and battle(s) come in many different forms; school, job demands, financial pressure, health/fitness, bad habit(s) or strained relationship(s)… Perhaps you’re carrying a burden that is weighing heavily on your life; taking a toll on your time, energy, emotions and/or resources. … More Battling Your Giant… (Part 1)

Wrestling God…

Have you ever had a one on one moment with someone? You know, one on one chitchat, debate, discussion, brainstorm and/or thinking out loud with a friend (family member). Often in our society we do this action to get a point across from both sides (looking from all different views) to move forward and/or make … More Wrestling God…

Christmas Advent

Perhaps you thought about this question at one point “what’s the reason and purpose of the Christmas Advent wreath?” Many churches today have a weekly theme lighting one or more candles on the Christmas wreath that ties into the pastors message and the story of Jesus’ birth… But still what does the Advent wreath really … More Christmas Advent

Healthy Spiritual Life, Equals Spiritual Growth

How has your Spiritual walk has been lately? Have you seen any progress and/or growth in your Spiritual walk? “Come near to God and God will come near to you.” (James 4:8 NCV). Perhaps you read your Bible, attend Sunday service and pray; but are you regularly (on a daily basis) getting enough Spiritual exercise? … More Healthy Spiritual Life, Equals Spiritual Growth

Counting the Cost…

Milton Friedman said “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” meaning that somewhere someone else is paying for your “free lunch” and theirs without even knowing it. Have you ever stopped in your tracks when shopping to really count the cost even when using coupons? Many of us have heard of a familiar Bible … More Counting the Cost…

Spiritual Diet (the bread) — Part 1

Attending church on Sundays and a mid-week bible study gives Christians the opportunity for spiritual nutrients and substances; but with further participation and fellowship (on a regular basis) will create a steady and regular spiritual growth. How would you describe your daily spiritual diet: Junk food? Frozen food? Baby food? TV microwave food? Meat and … More Spiritual Diet (the bread) — Part 1

Roadblock Ahead

We often wonder what are the causes of roadblocks in our life and/or in our walk with God that keeps us from moving forward. We end up pointing fingers at an object and/or the people around us we call strangers, friends, family and peers; just to have an answer and reason why we face them. … More Roadblock Ahead