Faith is Half the Journey

In your own words define authentic. In your own words define faith. What does authentic faith mean? Do you attend church just to get the latest message (word) from the Bible or do you attend church to hear the message (the word) from the Bible and put it into practice? How would you describe yourself? (a) hearer? (b) doer? (c) procrastinator?

Dictionary Definition

Authentic: (1) not false or copied; genuine; real (2) having an origin supported by unquestionable evidence; authenticated; verified

Faith: (1) trust or confidence in a person or thing (2) is to hope for things which are not seen, which are true; Hebrews 11:1

Ezekiel 33:21-33

Ezekiel a Jewish priest (a prophet) shared a message with the Israelites that were living in exile. They came to listen to the message as an engaged audience but left not putting the message that they heard into practice (v.30-31). Perhaps they were in denial about their sin, perhaps they thought what they were doing was good enough… Authentic faith means to read the word, apply the word, seek His will and live a life as a brother, sister in Christ. Having just faith alone is only half of the journey as a disciple.

Disciple Guide

  • The exiles liked to listen to Ezekiel but didn’t do what he said. What does Jesus say about such people (see Matthew 7:24-27)?
  • How about you; do you go to church every week to hear what the latest message is or do you hear the message and apply it to your life?


Further Reading

John 14:15, Romans 10:17, Ephesians 4:5,  Hebrews 11:1, 7-12, James 1:21-25


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