Stay Connected (Prayer)

Think about; today we have all kinds of tools at our finger tips to stay connect with others and vise verse; many means to send and receive information with friends, family and the world.

You need to make an eye doctors appointment, you call the office; need to check the balance on your coffee card, you check your app on the smartphone; you need to submit your term paper in to you professor, you send him an email….

When was the last time you connected with your heavenly Father? I mean connecting with Him other than a Sunday morning at church, other than with the Bible study group. Don’t get me wrong, we should pray in church, we should pray in our Bible study group, but I am talking about alone; one on one with the Lord.


Define It: Spend a moment with the Lord this week; start your day with breakfast, the word and prayer. Also finish your day by giving thanks for answered prayers and sharing new prayer requests before going to bed. Spend time this week in prayer, just you and the Lord; let prayer time and His word strengthen the connection and relationship deeper than before.


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