Calling Us Out

Sometimes we have a hard time picking or choosing what’s the “best” path we should take; God has plans for us, he knows whats best (Proverbs 16:9)! Just keep in mind, don’t be surprised when God steps into your plans (and life) making changes/modifications…

You see yourself walking down one path, while God see’s you down another; sometimes the lack of confidence (faith) in our-self, God and/or His word fills our mind. We start thinking to our-self the “what if…” question(s) replaying the previous choices…

“Don’t be afraid,” Jesus is calling “Take courage. I am here!” (Matthew 14:27). He is calling us out to take courage, trust in Him and follow.

Disciple guide: What are you afraid of? Can you identify what’s holding back your faith? Jesus is calling us out to following him and his plans to disciple the world.

Further Reading: Matthew 14:22-36; Luke 9:22-24; Mark 1:16-18


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