Thanksgiving; Afterwards

All the hustle and fuss comes to end when the last bite of turkey is taken; the Thanksgiving meal is all over. Days of prepping, time preparing has paid off… NOW we shift gears (drop it into first gear); folks start looking for a napping spot, or start planning tomorrows shopping trip, or volunteer clean and scrub down the kitchen; thanksgiving has officially ended! Wait; what??

“Thanksgiving” afterwards should continue tho…

We should continue to give thanks not just one day out of the year and/or on Sundays at church! We continue to give thanks because God has been part of our life through every second (through thick and thin), all the good stuff and the bad stuff. God has some awesome plans (and blessing) for us on earth (see Philippians 4:19); we just need to continue to trust and follow Him.

But regardless of how God blessed and provided for us (compared to others) we should give Him thanks above and beyond! Not just on Thanksgiving day and/or Sundays at church, but give thanks in every day through every moment we face.

Define It: What are you Thankful for (a simple question)? What blessing are you grateful for this year? To help with  giving “thanks” for the blessings in life, make a note and jar it (reading and remembering the blessing)!


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